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5 Tips to Prepare for Semester at Sea

Posted by on March 3, 2016


semester at sea, SAS, world odyssey

World Odyssey the Semester at Sea Ship

Apply Early.

To secure your place on Semester at Sea you want to apply early. There are a limited number of cabins on the ship and once they are full students will not be accepted.

SAS application

Join the Facebook group.

Each semester students create a Facebook group where they plan for life on the ship. This group is also used to communicate throughout the semester.

SAS facebook

Reach out to Alumni.

Alumni are one of your best resources for finding more information about Semester at Sea. We have several alumni who volunteer in our office. To contact one of our alumni email

Ship_Horizontal copy

Do research on the countries you will visit.

One of the biggest benefits of semester at sea is the number of countries and cultures you get to experience. To make the most of your program research each of your destinations. Learn a few phrases in the local language, know the history of the sites you visit, and explore the local customs and traditions. Even the smallest effort can go a long way toward integrating with the community.


Bring your favorite snacks. 

On Semester at Sea you will have the opportunity to try a lot of new cuisine. But don’t forget to bring a few favorites from home. Small snacks are great to share with your new international friends and can help you get over a bout of home sickness.



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